Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

James M. Waterbury, Jr.
Elected March 18, 1993

Few players had a shorter yet more illustrious career than James "Monty" Waterbury, Jr. A ten-goaler, he was a member of the legendary team - The Big Four - which turned the international tide in 1909 in favor of the United States, never to lose to Great Britain again.

Always composed, in perfect control of himself, his pony and his mallet, "Monty" used his insightful mind and finesse, not brawn, to excel. Playing at the number one and two positions, often playing with his brother Larry, his ball passing was renowned. He held the distinction in his day of being the best scorer the game had ever seen.

Before his death at age forty-five, he won the Westchester Cup five times, the very first US Open Championship, and ten Senior titles.


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