Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

George C. Sherman, Jr.
Elected March 6, 1998

The obligation and honor of lineage, that is how George C. Sherman, Jr. saw polo. And he so loved it, too. His graciousness, devotion and selflessness are legendary. He is the standard by which others history would judge.

His scope was wide: Chairman of the Indoor Polo Association, of the U.S. Polo Association, a life long commitment to intercollegiate polo, and enduring leadership of Gulfstream Polo Club. He is indeed, also one of the founding fathers of the Museum of Polo. No cause was ever too small; no task too large.

An avid player, he captained his freshman class at Yale, and has two indoor Senior Championships and a twelve-goal title to his credit. On and off the field he was sportsmanship personified.


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