Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

Michael G. Phipps
Elected March 17, 1994

A star in the era of stars, Michael "Mike" Phipps was a member of the best all-American team ever - the 1939 forty-goal "Dream Team". a well-mounted ten-goaler, a quick and eager offensive player, he could always be counted on to make the difficult shot at goal and his record well attests to that.

From his victorious days at Yale University he was a consistent winner both internationally and at home. He played on the last US team to win the Cup of the Americas, and won twice each the Westchester and Camacho Cups.

The near mythical 1933 East-West match saw Mike play on the East team as he also did the following year for the East's victory. Five US Open Championships, four Monty Waterbury titles, and two Arena Open Championships are still more trophies to his credit.


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