Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

Lewis Lacey
Inducted February 12, 2010

Canadian-born Lewis Lacey had a long and distinguished international polo career, representing England in the Westchester Cup, and captaining Argentine in the Cup of the Americas. He was a member of the famed Argentine team that took the U.S. Open in 1922, and won the Argentine Open sever times between 1915 and 1937, as well as several other notable tournaments in England and Argentina.

Lewis played frequently in America, almost every year from 1922 until 1931, never handicapped less than 9-goals and was rated 10-goals between 1915 and 1932.

Many of his ponies were purchased by American buyers. Most notable ponies include Jupiter and the celebrated Tobiano, Tommy Hitchcock's most famous mount: both horses have been inducted into "Horses to Remember."

Lewis also wrote about the game; his better known essays being Equitation in the Game of Polo and the Judge's Task in Polo Pony Shows.


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