Hall of Fame List of Inductees (By Year of Induction):

Elected April 6, 1990
Thomas Hitchcock, Jr.
Stewart Iglehart
Devereux Milburn
Robert Skene
Cecil Smith

Elected March 15, 1991
Harold L.Barry
Elbridge T. Gerry
Winston F.C. Guest
George K. Oliver

Elected March 20, 1992
Carlton Beal
James Gordon Bennett
Dr. Clarence C. Coombs, Jr.
Alan L. Corey, Jr.
Foxhall P. Keene
Louis E. Stoddard

Elected March 18, 1993
Philip L.B. Iglehart
Walter Ray Harrington, Jr.
Lawrence Waterbury
James M. Waterbury, Jr.

Elected March 17, 1994
Northrup R. Knox
Dr. William R. Linfoot
John T. Oxley
Michael G. Phipps

Elected March 3, 1995
Roy M. Barry
Paul Butler
Louise Eustis Hitchcock
Wiliam A. Mayer

Elected February 9, 1996
George H. Bostwick
Stephen J. Roberts
Robert E. Strawbridge, Jr.
William T. Ylvisaker

Elected February 7, 1997
Fred W. Dailey
Stephen Gose
Guillermo "Memo" Gracida, Jr.
Lewis A. Smith

Elected March 6, 1998
Norman Brinker
George C. Sherman, Jr.
Malcolm Stevenson
Tommy Wayman

Elected February 26, 1999
Lester (Red) Armour, III
Harold A. Barry
Elmer J. Boeseke, Jr.
Albert Parsells

Elected March 3, 2000
Willis L. Hartman
H.L. Herbert
Robert (Rob) Walton

Elected February 17, 2001
Bart Evans
S.K. (Skey) Johnston, Jr.
Robert (Bob) Uihlein

Elected February 16, 2002
George Haas, Jr.
Thomas Hitchcock, Sr.
Glen Holden, Sr.

Elected February 21, 2003
Delmar Carroll
Bennie Gutierrez

Elected February 20, 2004
Rodolphe Agassiz
Charles Smith

Elected February 18, 2005
John C. "Jack" Oxley
Will Rogers

Elected February 17, 2006
Robert D. Beveridge
Paul W. "Bill" Barry
Raymond Guest

Elected February 16, 2007
John E. Cowdin
William Sinclaire

Elected February 15, 2008
W. Averell Harriman
Gonzalo Pieres

Elected February 13, 2009
Owen Rinehart
Gonzalo Tanoira

Elected February 12, 2010
Julian Hipwood
Lewis Lacey

Elected February 18, 2011
Charles Cary Rumsey
Stephen A. Orthwein

Elected February 17, 2012
James P. "Jimmy" Mills
Carlos Gracida

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