Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

Philip L.B. Iglehart
Elected March 18, 1993

For Philip Iglehart, polo was more than an avocation, it was a tradition to honor and nurture. As a boy at the Aiken Preparatory School and later at St. Paul's and Yale, he was steeped in polo playing and lore. When retiring from polo at graduation to pursue a business career, he was already rated seven goals.

After a twenty year hiatus Philip returned to polo and soon reclaimed his old rating which he then held for thirteen years. To his playing credit is a US Open Championship, as well as the Interscholastic, the Senior, the Twenty-Goal and Twelve-Goal titles.

His off the field credits shine no less: leadership at the waning Meadowbrook Club, creation of the new Gulfstream Polo Club, and turning from dream to reality the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame.


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