Inductee to the Polo Hall of Fame

Elbridge T. Gerry
Elected March 15, 1991

Elbridge Gerry played polo at school and with the Meadow Larks, both under the tutelage of Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock, Sr. and with the Old Aiken team. He won the Indoor Intercollegiate Championship in 1929.

His victories included the U.S. Open Championship and the Monty Waterbury Cup, each three times, the National 20 Goal twice and with the "Old Aiken" versus the Argentine "Santa Paula" team in 1931. He went to England with the American Team in 1936, was captain of the "Aknusti" Team, and he achieved a nine goal handicap in 1940. Actively involved in the U.S. Polo Association, he became its Chairman in 1940.

He was an outstanding and versatile position player as well as an unselfish and enduring sportsman.

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